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I am an Industrial Designer and an Artist. I consider myself as a "glass thinker", because I consider my performance in this issue as a hybrid between art and author design.  I always have used glass as a medium for expressing myself in a spontaneous and sensible way.

With using lampworking  technique I want to allow the material to run freely, without imposing anything to it.

I only aspire to establish a dialogue with the material to be able to discover its natural flow. I wish to let it move and transform spontaneously.  I hope to be an instrument, a facilitator for the glass “to be”.

For that, I am not interested in calibrating, designing or measuring a particular form. For me, glass (in its primitive, organic and dynamic state) is an eloquent medium for self-expression. All that I want is  to  vindicate glass virtues in my work. I want to highlight its transparency, and enhance the charm of the lack of color, that, at the end of the day, is the sum of all colors.

In my work I propose recreating the static moments of the moving water, allowing them to achieve their own nature. The result is a series of dancing shapes, suspended or resting, writing in the air or casting shadows on the ground.

I use photography as the work complement, since photography captures its real essence and exalts its ambiguity. Through the printed images, it is almost impossible to accurately distinguish the object from the image, if it is water or glass.

And this ambiguous reading is what I also wanted to achieve.

I want also to represent moods and feelings through all my work, by taking different elements from nature as inspiration.

 © Marta Isabel Ramírez

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